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by Quing1968
Discuss Mono on Mac OS X. 1756 5315
by Turst1979
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by detoxbody06
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by Nicholas Joll
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by wvovonato
Used to discuss the Gtk bindings for Mono. 2320 5965
by kajppykoz
Discussion on the Tao Framework (bindings of OpenGL, SDL and other related technologies). 287 659
by SallyGlass
Discussions about MonoDevelop, the free GNOME IDE primarily designed for C# and other .NET languages. 4688 14734
by auvelaserum08
Discussion and news about Mono.Addins 178 359
by auvelaserum08
Groups about the Mono.Cecil library. 313 926
by stanleymitchell
Discussions regarding ASP.NET development on Mono. 1158 2677
by phallyxusa
Olive is the group used to develop the post-2.0 Mono-based technologies. This includes Mono's efforts to implement pieces of the 3.0 and 3.5 stacks as well as the new Silverlight implementation. 123 420
by pecekal
Mono's implementation of Visual Basic.NET. 323 971
by Nicolei4555
Used to discuss the Windows.Forms implementatation for Mono. 1102 3090
by Puru
Discussion on the development of Moonlight. 419 1220
by marcos
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by BrayanA
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