Run in linux mono EXE file already compiled in xamarin

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Run in linux mono EXE file already compiled in xamarin

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I'm new To mono.
I would like to develop a .net winform program in windows and run it on linux.
So i choose to develop the program on windows with xamarin with gtk#.
and after run it on linux with mono command line.
I try to make a short program to test it
so in xamarin i write:

using Gtk;
using System;
class Hello {
        static void Main()
                Application.Init ();
                Window window = new Window ("helloworld");
                Application.Run ();

What i see in all the examples that i read on mono  is that i need to compile the csharp code in linux via the mono command line like "mcs filename.cs -pkg:gtk-sharp-2.0" and only then, run the exe file that was created with mono .

Is it possible to create the exe file  in windows by compiling and running the csharp code using xamarin in windows .And then run this exe file in mono on linux with the command line "mono filename.exe"?

Thank you!